Turn an Attic Into a Bedroom

When a family addition makes another bedroom necessary, you might consider looking to your attic. If you don't utilize the attic, it can be an especially appealing alternative to buying a bigger house. A lot of time and thought should be put into this renovation. Although it can be a challenging and extensive project, it can help maximize the housing space you have.

Find a building inspector and discuss the renovation you want to take on. They will most likely measure the space and look into any structural damage (like wall cracks) that can get in your way. They also will inform you of any permits you might need from your city or homeowner's association.

Obtain the necessary permits to carry out your plans.

Decide on a budget for your renovation. If you don't know how much money you want to spend, you may end up spending more money than you intended.

Look through magazines and architectural books to see what elements you want to incorporate into your new bedroom. Make a plan for what your new room will look like. Think about where you need outlets to plug in electronics and if you need window space.

Call certified contractors in your area and ask for a quote. Choose a contractor who is qualified and fits into your budget. They will be able to help with electrical and plumbing needs.

Decide what colors and patterns you want to decorate the room. Figure out how much you will need of everything and buy the necessary items.


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