Forest Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a relaxing retreat from your busy life, and one of the most relaxing environments is a cool, green forest. Adding forest elements to your bedroom can look either rustic or sophisticated, depending on the finish. Turn your bedroom environment into a green oasis of calm by adding forest elements into your room decor.

Paint your walls a rich hunter green. The darker color will make the room look and feel cozier and more intimate. Paint the door and window trim a creamy white or very light beige. Frame nature pictures in pine branches or primitive wooden frames and hang them in groups on the wall.

Choose tab curtains in a very breezy fabric in either green or cream. Find a downed tree branch that is 6 inches longer than your window width. Spray the branch with polyurethane spray to seal the bark and wood. Slip your curtain tabs onto the branch and hang it instead of a curtain rod.

Pine Cones
Find a collection of downed pine cones and spray them with clear polyurethane spray. Glue a pile of pine cones to a pair of metal bookends for the top of a shelf or dresser. Add a small pine cone finial on the top of a lamp. Fill a green or clear bowl with pine cones and add pine scented potpourri.

Purchase a small tabletop waterfall filled with river rocks and install it on a shelf or on top of a chest of drawers. Plug in the waterfall and enjoy the gentle sound of water trickling over the rocks to help you relax. Invest in a sound machine with bird sounds or buy a white noise machine that has nature sounds and use it as background music in your room.


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