Make Cheap Modern Headboard

Adding a headboard to a bedroom can add a touch of style. A headboard also provides comfort to the back while sitting up in bed. Headboards can get pricey. Create your own modern-looking headboard to change, or enhance, the look of your room. The project can save money compared to purchasing a ready-made headboard.

Measure the width just above your bed to determine how wide your headboard should be. Decide the height you prefer. A good headboard height is usually 2 to 4 feet, but you can always go taller for a more dramatic look.

Purchase wood canvas frame stretch bars at an art supply store. You will need to buy four stretch bars, two to accommodate the width and two for the height. The cost of the stretch bars will depend on the size. Attach the stretch bars by sliding each of the bars into one another to form a frame. Use a hammer to gently tap each of the sides where the boards meet to ensure that they are properly attached. Do not hammer too hard as this could crack your frame.

Purchase fabric from a craft store. Buy enough fabric to extend up to 1 inch beyond the wood frame. Lay the fabric over the frame with the right side facing upward. Stretch the fabric across the frame tightly and fold it over the wood. Staple the fabric to the wood on the back of the frame.

Attach your frame to the wall using double-sided hook and loop tape. Use a ruler and a pencil to mark where you would like to hang your headboard. Step back and make sure that the line you have made is straight. Attach the double-sided tape to the headboard and to the wall. Once you are satisfied with your markings remove the protective paper on the hook and loop table and attach the headboard to the wall. Press against your headboard to make sure that it sticks to the wall.


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