Tips for Installing a Jacuzzi in a Bedroom

Installing a hot tub or Jacuzzi in the bedroom is the ideal way to have privacy while you enjoy the relaxation of the warm water and stress relieving bubbles. Placing the hot tub inside the home requires some special considerations before you begin the installation. You must ensure that your bedroom is prepared to support the installation first.

Jacuzzis can weigh up to 3,000 lbs. when filled with water. The floor of the bedroom must be able to support this weight in addition to the weight of you and anyone else in the hot tub. A second floor bedroom may not be able to handle the weight of a filled Jacuzzi. An engineer can help to determine if your home is structurally sound enough to handle the installation. A first floor bedroom may be a better choice, but there still may be some issues with a crawl space beneath the house and the strength of the floor.

The heat and dampness from a hot tub can rot wood and cause mildew in the room where you install it. Install ventilation in the room to control the heat and humidity. Much of the dampness comes from the heat of the Jacuzzi, but climbing in and out of the tub can cause the floors to be wet constantly. Make sure that the floor can handle the water on a regular basis. Hardwood floors and carpet are not the best choices for a room with a Jacuzzi.

Draining and Plumbing
The room that you choose for your Jacuzzi must have the plumbing necessary to maintain the tub. Most homeowners choose a bathroom or an area adjacent to a bathroom for the installation of a hot tub. There must be a place for the hot tub to drain when you change the water in the tub as well. Choosing a bedroom to install a Jacuzzi may require considerable renovations to your home to handle the special requirements of a hot tub. Consult with an expert before installing a Jacuzzi on your own.


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