Nightclub Bedroom Ideas

To create that extra spicy nightlife look in your bedroom, incorporate all the aspects of a ritzy nightclub. From darkly painted walls to smoky lighting and a mixture of fabric choices, there are quite a few nightclub bedroom ideas to inspire you.

The walls of your nightclub bedroom should be dark, but that doesn't mean they will lack color. Try using deep plum colors or a midnight blue. Even a darkened olive gives the feel of the evening without making the room entirely black. Add some stencil designs along the walls or put your favorite quotes in a metallic paint to liven up the darkness of the walls if you'd like.

Curtains and Bedding
Your curtains and bedding can reflect the dark color you've chosen for your walls or can coordinate with it. For example, with deep purple walls you can choose another purple for the curtains or offset your walls with dark maroon curtains that flow down to the floor for a dramatic, upscale look. Deep gold walls work well with those same maroon curtains; add some black valances along the tops of the windows for another look. For the full nightclub effect, consider adding beaded curtains to the doorways and windows.

Your bed itself can be a large canvas to fill with various deep, lush-colored pillows in reds, purples, blues and rusts. Try to incorporate fabrics that shimmer or use throw pillows with bead fringe around the edges or on the face of the pillow
. The color of furniture in the room should be a dark wood, black or painted another deep color to complement or contrast with your walls.

Perhaps the most important thing to establishing a bedroom with a nightclub feel is the lighting. Bright lights shouldn't be used in the bedroom with the exception of a small table lamp near the bed for comfortable reading. Otherwise, use lower watt bulbs or colored bulbs to impart a low-light atmosphere. Use deep-colored lampshades to filter the light of clear bulbs. Stained glass type bulbs, as well as black lights, could be used to set a mood, but it is not recommended for constant use as you'll want to see the colors of your clothes accurately when you get dressed.

Old movie posters, black-and-white photos set in individual frames and even abstract paintings can add to the evening feel of the room. For a dramatic look. hang a large mirror in an embellished frame or a series of various mirrors in ornate frames all grouped together on one wall.


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