Decorate a Teenage Bedroom With a Paris Theme

Parisian-themed bedrooms are “en vogue” with teen girls who fancy themselves as fashionistas or those who love frilly, girlie styles. Paris brings to mind romance, high fashion and ornate furnishings with curvy, scrolling lines -- a perfect mix of elements to create a room that feels feminine, chic and timelessly in style.

Fancy Focal Point
As the focal point of the room, the bed influences the style and color scheme of your teen's bedroom. If your Parisian makeover includes a new bed, consider a fabric-tufted headboard or a white or black iron frame. Alternatively, paint the bed frame black or white.

Choose your bedding before painting your bedroom walls. It’s much easier to find a paint color that complements or matches your bedding rather than the reverse. Black-and-white damask, polka dots, stripes, floral or Eiffel Tower designs are common themes on comforters or pillows. Ruffled, frilly bedspreads in white or pink accented with French poodles, elegant French script or fleur de lis designs on pillows also impart both a Parisian and a girly feel.

Wall Color
For girls who love purple, a soft shade of lavender on walls is reminiscent of French lavender fields. For a more flamboyant touch, go with pink and white or pink and gray vertical stripes. A soft shade of white or pale pink provides an elegant backdrop for black-and-white bedding.

For a bolder color palette, use hot pink or turquoise on the walls, accessorized with sheer curtains and furniture pieces in black. Black-and-white zebra print on an upholstered bench, chair or area rug adds an exotic touch that complements the bold color of the walls. Use black frames on wall art or black ribbon to tie bows around lampshades.

Fashionable Accents
For a nod to Parisian fashion, include an elegant wire dress form, which provides a handy place for a girl to display her favorite accessories such as scarves, boas, strings of pearls, belts, a favorite hat and a few bags.

Display a stack of hatboxes on a dresser, window seat or small side table. Use fabric, lace and ribbon to decorate the boxes in colors and patterns that coordinate with the room's color scheme.

Chic Accessories
An overhead chandelier is a must-have accessory for ambient lighting in a Parisian-themed bedroom. Cabaret-style table lamps or fabric-covered lampshades provide chic bedside accent lighting. Sheer, ruffled or lacy curtains and a furry area rug lend a frilly, feminine vibe.

An Eiffel Tower figurine placed next to vase of silk flowers adds a romantic touch to a bedside table or dresser. Vinyl wall decals of the Eiffel Tower and fancy, scripted letters spelling out Paris or ooh la la paired with kissing red lips or hearts add personality to walls. Dress up the head of the bed with an iron wall teester and sheer or silky fabric in white, pink or black. Complete your posh Parisian boudoir with a mirrored vanity table and stool or chair featuring curvy, cabriole-style legs.


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