Organize Your Kitchen With Little Cabinet Space

Kitchens with little cabinet space can still employ maximize storage and organization. Sketch and measure the space you actually do have in your kitchen. Make a list of what's working for you currently and what is not. Look in your cupboards and note any wasted space. Detail any available wall space, ceiling space and floor space. Create zones for cooking, food preparation, food items themselves, storage containers and wraps and small appliances. Purge any items you never use, rid yourself of duplicates, and put into a deep-storage area items you use less than once a month.

Install rail systems with S-hooks and components designed to hold paper towel holders, cookbook racks, single and double shelves, pots and pans, utensil crocks, and oven mitts. Spice racks can be mounted magnetically on walls or inside cabinet doors. Display decorative dishware or keep frequently used items on wall-mounted shelving. Mount single hooks on walls for hanging pot holders and kitchen towels.

Hang a pot rack from the ceiling. Use a hanging three-tiered wire mesh basket near the sink or the pantry to hold fruits and vegetables that don't need refrigeration.

Measure available floor space. Purchase an island table or kitchen cart for the center of the kitchen if you can fit one and still have 2 to 3 feet around all sides for traffic flow. These are available in all price ranges and styles, and can provide extra storage as well as counter space. Measure nooks and alcoves carefully. You might be able to fit in at least a tall, narrow set of shelves or a cabinet.

Adjust the heights of the shelves in upper cabinets and pantries, if you can. Use wire "helper" shelves to double shelf space. Additionally, add stepped or tiered shelf boosters, single or double lazy Susans, under-shelf baskets and holders mounted to the insides of doors.

Install pull-out drawers or bins in lower cabinets, or at least purchase shallow bins and baskets that fit front to back and slide out to make use of these deeper base cabinets. Stack pots two or three high and keep lids in a lid organizer, either screwed to the inside of the cabinet door or sitting on the shelf.

Outfit the space under the sink for cleaning supplies, dish towels and rags, and recycling and garbage cans on pull-out hardware. Purchase special adjustable shelving created for the space under the sink or pull-out double shelves, or store cleaning supplies in a grab-and-go caddy. Mount racks to the insides of cabinet doors to store dishwasher and dish soaps and scouring pads. Hang an over-the-door towel rack or install pull-out swiveling towel rod systems for storing rags and kitchen towels.

Rely on products that mount under the cabinets to save counter space. You can purchase under-cabinet coffeemakers, toaster ovens, TVs, fold-up spice racks, and placemat and paper-plate holders. Consider a microwave made to mount over the stove.


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