Can I Decorate My Bedroom?

A bedroom is such a personal space it only seems right it should reflect an individual's personal tastes. So while all bedrooms have certain things in common--a bed or furniture for holding clothing--all bedrooms do not have to look the same.

Personalize Your Space
Clear the room of clutter. Neaten every surface to begin with a clean slate. Clear the walls and shelves also. Sort through your things and organize them. Decide which items you really want and which ones can be thrown away or put in storage.

Rearrange your furniture until it feels right. Perhaps look into feng shui techniques for ideas. When walking into a room, the furniture arrangement should be welcoming and comfortable. But ultimately it's the decor that will make a room personal. Simply move the furniture around, then sit on the bed and survey the room. Stand in the doorway and study the new arrangement. Repeat this until you find something that feels intuitively comfortable.

Think about your interests. Decide if you want them reflected in your decor or maybe you want to choose a specific theme. You might want a jungle theme for example, or you may want to show off a love of fashion or a particular type of fashion, say Japanese kimonos. You might love baseball or horror movies. Perhaps you're a collector and would like to showcase your special finds, or some artwork.

Consider repainting the walls. If you wear a particular color often--one that people associate with you-- or if you are interested in a jungle theme, green walls could fit in nicely. If you love baseball, what about the colors of your favorite team or your school colors? The walls don't have to be all the same. You can have one wall a different color for contrast, or paint two walls one color and two walls another. Or all four walls can be different if you wish.

Decorate the walls first. Posters and art--both paintings and wall hangings--are always popular. If you love the medieval period, hang a shield or a family crest on the wall. For a jungle theme, hang wooden masks as part of the artwork. Kimonos have long been used as wall hangings. Why not other garments like baseball jerseys, or even just clothing that has meaning to you. Perhaps you're good with needlepoint or embroidery. You could make a tapestry. Dried flowers make lovely wall arrangements. Or use silk flowers and garlands over doors and windows. If you're artistic, you could paint a mural.

Change bedspreads and window treatments next. Consider colors, patterns and textures. Decide if you want to contrast the walls or compliment them. Still love Star Wars and want everyone to know? You can find Star Wars bedspreads. Or maybe you'd like a flower pattern or a crocheted bedspread, or perhaps you prefer a comforter with a dust ruffle. If you have a canopy, consider having just the posts without a canopy, or consider a canopy with netting to drape around the bed. Decorative pillows can enhance any bedspread. Make a determination about window treatments. Drapes or blinds come in a wide range.

Work on the shelves and furniture tops last, as these tend to add a cluttered look to a room's decor if the elements are not carefully considered. Now assess the room and decide what it needs. If you love to read, show your love with a shelf loaded with books. Use decorative bookends to show a sense of whimsy.
For the jungle theme, add in potted plants--either real or fake. Add in stuffed lions, monkeys and elephants. Show off your collections in display cases, or simply arrange them so that they're easily seen and well-spaced.


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