Ideas for Leopard & Zebra Print Bedrooms

Leopard and zebra prints are common motifs for home decor. They can be incorporated into any room of your home, and materials for a bedroom are readily available. Knowing a few decorating ideas will give you a starting point for your bedroom design.

Although leopards are usually a tan color with black spots and zebras are black-and-white striped, when using these prints for home decorating, you can choose any color combination you wish. If you want to steer clear of the traditional colors, look for faux prints in new combinations, such as hot pink and black stripes for zebra print and green with black spots for leopard print.

Choosing bedding helps you decide what to do with the rest of the room. You could combine both prints into the bedding or choose just one. Stores carry a number of premade bedding sets for you to choose from, or you could purchase leopard or zebra print material at your local fabric store and make your own. Consider making a duvet cover with leopard on one side and zebra on the other, then match it with black sheets.

Wall decorating can be simple or complex. One idea is to paint the walls a neutral color, such as tan, to match the animal print. Although this is a very basic painting option, it is a simple complement to what can be a loud set of prints. If you have a more subdued room otherwise, where you have just used the prints for small accessories, consider painting leopard or zebra prints on the walls.

Wall decals are an alternative to painting freehand. Paint the walls a solid color that matches the rest of your decor and then overlay the decals after the paint is dry. For example, if you chose a zebra print rug that was purple and black, paint the walls purple and then add the zebra-stripe decals.

You can add animal-print accessories like rugs and curtains to the room for a finishing touch. Arrange pictures or figurines of leopards and zebras on the walls or on top of dressers and bookshelves. Look for other unique accessories with corresponding prints to finish the look, such as hatboxes, lamps or picture frames.


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