A DIY Travel-Themed Bedroom

Creating a travel-themed bedroom lets you say "bon voyage" to the cares of everyday life. For an adult travel-themed bedroom, draw inspiration from travel images of the 1920s and 1930s when world travel was at its most chic and sumptuous. A travel-themed bedroom can be elegant and sophisticated, but it can also be translated into a theme for a child's bedroom. Bright colors and images from around the world make a room fun, inviting and educational.

Paint the walls, doors or trim of your bedroom in bright, rich colors that recall distant locations. Greek homemakers paint their doors, window shutters and roofs a brilliant shade of blue that is said to ward off evil influences. Warm yellows, oranges, purples and reds mimic the hues found in Moroccan spice markets, while a vibrant green might take a room back to the hills of Ireland. Use your favorite country or city for inspiration, then put together a palette of colors drawn from photographs and paintings of that well-loved landscape. Start by painting one wall of the room and placing the head of your bed against it to form a focal point for the rest of the space. It will punctuate the room with a pop of color without overwhelming a smaller room.

Decoupage dresser drawers, bookcases and the top of a bedside table with vintage luggage labels for a hint of old-world travel. Images of vintage luggage stickers can be found on the Internet, or you can purchase books with reproductions of the stickers. Paint a small amount of decoupage glue on a section of the table, then set the image on the glued service. After the glue has dried, brush a coat of glue or lacquer over the image to seal it in place. Glue can cause printed images to smudge, so save the images to a disc and have them professionally laser-printed. If you plan to place water glasses or vases on a decoupaged surface, use coasters or set a plate of glass on top of the table to keep the water from reactivating the glue.

Accent the room with touches that hint of travel and exotic locations. Potted palms or bamboo plants evoke travel better than a fern or ficus tree, while glass jars painted to resemble Indian lanterns are more mysterious and colorful than a standard glass votive holder. Framed copies of antique maps, your own travel photos and vintage travel posters liven up a room; trawl flea markets and thrift shops for souvenirs from distant locations that can add interest to your travel-themed bedroom. Place a trunk at the foot of the bed, or perch a globe on your desk for the finishing touch.


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