Cheap Ideas for Remodeling a Bedroom

If you have bought an older home or have lived in yours for some years, it may be time for an update. Bedrooms are usually last on the list for improvement, and by the time you get around to them, funds may be short. Even so, by implementing a few cheap ideas for remodeling a bedroom you can transform a timeworn, nondescript space into a stylish retreat.

Molding and Trim
Many bedrooms lack crown molding or any other architectural embellishment. Adding this luxurious touch to a room creates a finished, elegant look at an affordable price. Wood molding is expensive, but lightweight polyurethane foam products are indistinguishable from wood once they are painted and put in place. Install lightweight crown molding to add instant architectural interest to a room that has none. A decorative ceiling medallion surrounding a new light fixture will dress up the space even more. Like molding, ceiling medallions are available in polyurethane foam as opposed to the original heavy plaster. Moldings and medallions of this type are available through home centers and require only small nails or glue for installation. This remodeling project is within the scope of even an amateur do-it-yourselfer.

If you love traditional decor, adding high wainscoting to a plain-Jane bedroom will give it instant character and charm. Use lightweight bead board paneling, which is inexpensive and easy to install. Paint or stain the paneling prior nailing it in place. High wainscoting, which should extend two-thirds of the way up the wall, will provide an interesting backdrop for your bed and create the illusion of a headboard if you do not have one. Top the wainscoting with a grooved plate-rail molding for a classic finishing touch. Not only does it look good and add dimension, but the plate rail also provides a shallow shelf for the display of decorative items around the room. Painting the wall above the wainscoting a contrasting color will emphasize its detail and add another element of color to the room.

Complete your bedroom remodeling project by adding a new floor. You can have the appearance of real hardwood flooring at a significantly lower price if you choose a wood-look laminate. Laminate floors have the same grain pattern and texture as wood, but they are made of layers of inorganic material bonded together, or laminated. The design layer, which gives the product its real-wood look, is applied to the core backing, and then a tough wear layer is added to make the floor durable and easy to care for. Many different wood types are available from traditional oak and cherry to exotic Brazilian hardwoods. Styles range from rustic to contemporary. Many laminates are suitable for do-it-yourself installation.


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