Blue and Green Living Room Paint Ideas

Green and blue are versatile colors for living room wall paint. From the light, pastel hues to their deep and jewel-toned counterparts, blue and green can be used together in a living room to create a unique look. Consider the room's furnishings, wall accents and decor to determine whether you want a casual or opulent-style living room.

Victorian Opulence
According to Stylish Living Room Ideas, a traditional or Victorian living room design style uses muted and lighter colors of green and blue. In country areas during the Victorian era, paints were mixed using pigments and available local ingredients. Blue-green color wash for wooden paneled walls was made with eggs and buttermilk, says the Victorian Station. Blue and green living room wall colors could range from light to dark, depending on the home's location (darker in cities) and the room's significance, as "deep, rich colors enhanced the importance of a room," according to Victorian Station. For a Victorian look, paint walls blue or green--light hues if the room tends to be darker and has less lighting, dark hues if the room has plenty of light. According to Decorator Secrets, Victorian homes looked dark due to a lack of light and heavy window treatments. Add gold trimmings and heavy materials for curtains and heavyset furnishings with embellishments to mimic Victorian opulence.

Modern Style

If you have minimal wall space to paint in your living room because of limited space, a lot of trim, shelving or a large fireplace and mantel, opt for a bright green paint to create a modern look. Interior Decorating--Furniture Designs created a room with heavy trim and moldings painted in almost-white beige. Walls were painted a lime green, creating contrast and interest without overwhelming the room, since wall space was minimal. The room decor consists of pieces in the same green hue with splashes of bright, blue-colored pieces throughout.

Beach Inspired
Blue and green decor with a cool, light-colored backdrop evokes the beach house or coastal cottage feel, according to Sunset Magazine. Paint walls and molding with creams, whites and/or neutrals to contrast the blue and green decor. If the blue and green palette includes deep hues (emerald green, turquoise, marine blue), opt for white paint as "eye-catching accents in sea glass colors look best against bright white walls," says Sunset. Subdued, or pastel, blues and greens look best against a cream-colored or beige wall color, creating a more casual and cozy nautical look.


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