Mobile Home Living Room Decor Ideas

One of the most frustrating aspects of decorating a mobile home living room is the fact it is often located in the center of the home. It is therefore a hallway of sorts and visible to other rooms. Keeping this design quirk in mind can help you create a space that is both functional and attractive.

A mobile home living room is no place for over-sized, bulky furniture. The long, narrow design of most mobile home living rooms requires furniture that is sized to the room's dimensions. Avoid sectional sofas that block passage from one room to the other or large furniture pieces such as armoires or standing bookshelves that can give the room a dark, cramped feel. Keep the high-traffic area in the middle of the room clear of furniture and other clutter or your living room will be difficult to navigate, not to mention a fire hazard.

Multi-Functional Pieces
It's difficult to find space for all the furniture and entertainment items you need in a narrow living room. To keep your mobile home living room looking neat instead of cramped, use pieces that are multi-purpose. Hang a flat-screen TV on the wall instead of using a standing TV; this will clear the floor space and the TV can also act as a decorative element. Instead of a coffee table, use a storage ottoman that can hide DVDs, blankets or children's toys. Side tables should also offer some storage.

Help kick the reputation of mobile homes as dark and dingy by creating a living room that is full of light. Use sheer curtains or window treatments instead of heavy drapes. Illuminate your space with tall, slim floor lamps that provide light without taking up much space. Use dark colors only in accent pieces. Mirrors can create the illusion of a larger space but don't go overboard--one mirror is plenty.

The living room area of a mobile home is often shared with the kitchen and/or dining room. If this is the case in your mobile home, use a decorative theme that flows from your living room into the next room. A country kitchen will look out of place if it's visible from a modern living room, while a muted, natural color scheme in your living room will clash with bright, primary colors used in the dining room and kitchen.


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