Bollywood Bedroom Ideas

"Bollywood" is a term used to describe films produced in India, specifically those that speak Hindi and are filmed in Mumbai. These colorful spectaculars often are filled with music and dancing; a celebration of Indian culture. If you want to create an exotic and welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom, take cues from Bollywood cinema. From the dazzling color schemes to the bold prints and patterns, look to these films and the culture that surrounds them for design inspiration.

 Color Scheme
Use color to incorporate the spirit of Bollywood into the room's decor. For example, look for vibrant jewel tones such as teal, fuchsia, ruby, sapphire and emerald green. Also look for metallic colors such as gold and silver. You can use these colors to paint the walls, as bedding or in the artwork and accessories you choose for the space. To keep the room from looking garish, root these bold colors with white and black. Earth tones, such as shades of brown and tan, are ideal for coupling with warm, rich colors.

Rich, dark-stained wooden furniture is ideal for this space. Look for wooden headboards and bed frames, nightstands, dressers and seating for the bedroom. Wooden pieces with recesses and intricate carving are favored in this type of design. For metal pieces, choose dark-colored ironwork. To add color to ordinary wood or metal furniture, add delicate metallic touches. For example, change drawer pulls to gold hardware or paint trim work silver.

The fabrics that make up the bedding are essential in a Bollywood-inspired bedroom. Look for the same vivid jewel tones that you used for wall decor and accessories. For the linens, choose silk or satin sheets reminiscent of the sari, an Indian garment. In fact, you can sew several saris together to make a colorful patchwork duvet cover. Choose prints in floral or paisley batik or embroidered designs for bedding and other linens.

Art and Accessories
To accessorize in this space, hang posters from your favorite Bollywood films. Along with film posters and photo stills, pictures and paintings of India -- especially famous buildings in Mumbai, where these films are made -- are colorful additions to wall decor. Look for accessories, such as lanterns and candle holders, that feature reflective elements such as colored mirrored tiles. Mosaic-framed photo and art frames also add color and glamor to this film-inspired space.


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