How to Decorate a Living Room Wall With Stone

A stone wall can complement any decor. Because it is a natural material, no two stones are exactly alike and the combinations are endless, making stone one of the most versatile choices for interior walls. A stone wall creates a natural focal point in your living room, whether it functions as a backdrop for furniture and art or enhances a fireplace. The relaxing sound of water splashing in a rock fountain adds a Zen touch to any home. Plan a living room stone wall that reflects your style.

Things You'll Need

  • Decorating magazines
  • Choice or stones or stone panels or veneer
  • Shelves (optional)
  • Accessories (optional)
  • Large tapestry (optional)
  • Glass (optional)
  • Water feature (optional)
  • Barn board (optional)

Choose the stone. Decide what look you are going for. Study magazines devoted to home décor like "Architectural Digest" and "Country Living" to find examples of rooms you would like to emulate. Smooth stone walls created from materials like granite and marble give your living room a sleek, modern look. Add texture to your walls with stacked field stone for a more traditional feel. Use river rock for a rustic tone. Slate's subtle color and texture is versatile and will fit any décor.

Enhance a fireplace design. Surround a firebox with a floor to ceiling wall of stacked flat fieldstones in a random pattern. For a streamlined look, don't add a mantel, shelves or a raised hearth. A country-style living room calls for the more casual look of polished, rounded river rock. Frame the firebox, add a raised hearth with a smooth slate top and extend the chimney to the ceiling for a soaring focal point. Envelope a small fireplace with a wall of granite for the glossy appeal of an urban loft.

Create an accent wall. Cover an entire wall in marble. Add three shallow shelves arranged to resemble steps. Place a single pottery bowl on each shelf. For a wall reminiscent of Tuscany, construct a fieldstone wall with three vertical rows of three arched niches in each row. Fill the niches with accessories or leave them empty. Place an overstuffed sofa against a slate wall and hang a large colorful tapestry behind it. The gray of the slate will make the colors pop. Incorporate a water feature and surround the wall with glass to bring the outside in. Clad the wall halfway up in stone and panel the rest with barn board to evoke the look of a rustic hunting lodge.


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