DIY: Indie Bedroom Ideas

An indie bedroom can include a blend of casual and retro elements, but more so, indie is about free-spirited fashion, independence and individuality -- similar to boho and hipster style. Like indie music, indie decor stems from less mainstream, more homespun styles. Handmade, upcycled or repurposed key pieces help form the basis for this personal look. Summon inspiration from a few DIY wall treatment, window covering, furniture and accessory ideas.

Your Walls Your Way
Use the walls and paint to express your indie ideas in a big way -- you can always repaint, so don't be timid in either paint color or your creativity. You might want to tell a story in hand-painted script around the wall midpoint or near the ceiling as a border. A focal wall could feature color-blocking, but rather than perfectly measured squares, skip the painter's tape and form shapes -- squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons -- freehand. As for color, you can't go wrong with your favorite cool, relaxing shade or shades -- warm tones tend to rev rather than relax the senses, so use them sparingly in the bedroom.

Personalized Window Treatments
As long as you can easily access the window, feel free to make window treatments as wild or reserved as you like. Roman shades are relatively uncomplicated to make. Basically, they operate with strategically placed pull strings and loops sewn onto the backs. They block daylight, making them ideal for the bedroom, but you likely won't find them in anything but pedestrian fabrics and colors. Design your shades from interesting material -- organic tea-stained cotton or tie-dyed hemp. Line them for more opacity, and top them with wispy fabric -- assorted silk scarves, mesh or even dyed and knotted-together gauzy cheesecloth -- for even more persona.

Freestyle Furniture
Numerous ways exist to incorporate DIY indie furniture into your space without your having to build it. For example, stacks of large hardcover books become small bedside tables or stands. Fill the space with a vintage furniture mix, such as Mission, Shaker, Arts and Crafts or Primitive pieces as the "bones." Cover or replace any too-expected or typical material with more out-there upholstery fabric, from neutral ikat to black and white chintz to a bright geometric pattern, depending on your preference. A visually different mix of patterns and prints throughout the room works as long as you retain a general color connection or scheme.

Rebelous Accessories
Typically, accessories only make up about 10 percent of the room's contents, so the stronger the color, the more impact they have. In an indie room, however, you might want a slightly more cluttered effect -- to rebel the rule. Pull the accessory colors from the walls, window treatments, upholstery and bedding, and decorate freely. DIY examples include making your own abstract portraiture or figurative art, using soft watercolors, bold oil paints or earthy, natural-pigment paints. Or, use album covers, a collection of vintage wind or string instruments, or grouped, ornate, empty picture frames, as art. Turn old sweaters into throw pillows, and layer blankets as carpeting; saddle blankets make durable, colorfully unusual rugs. Use macrame hangers for sock, headscarf or belt storage. Be creative but use a little restraint, and you'll avoid visual chaos, letting your indie vibe reign.


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