How to Stage a Master Bedroom

The purpose of staging a home is to make it look more desirable to potential buyers, and the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms to those looking for a new home. Space, aesthetic appeal and move-in readiness are among the top considerations for buyers -- all of these can be improved with staging. Unless your master bedroom is in poor repair, staging is a low-cost process. In her interview with "Consumer Reports" magazine, professional stager Barb Schwarz says that the main component of staging is not money. You can effectively stage your master bedroom with little more than creativity and organization.

Things You'll Need

  • Moving boxes
  • General cleaning supplies
  • Bed linens

Remove all clutter, personal mementos and unnecessary items from the room. This includes family photos, collectibles, projects and even the television. Stage your master bedroom with little more than a bed, bedside tables, a dresser and a few well-placed accessories to make it appear larger and more peaceful.

Organize the closet. The experts from Staging Bug website recommend removing 80 percent of the items in your closet. Pack away out-of-season clothing and remove boxes or miscellaneous items taking up precious space. Arrange the remaining items neatly; fold any items left on shelves and hang clothes by color and type on matching hangers. Dust and vacuum the closet and hang cedar blocks to freshen it.

Remove cobwebs, wash the walls and window treatments, vacuum and steam clean the carpet or mop the floor. Wash the windows. Every inch of the room should be spotless for staging.

Paint over bright or non-traditional colors. Use neutral tones of beige, white or cream to lighten and visually enlarge the room and appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Repair or replace anything that is broken or damaged and finished incomplete projects. Now is the time to fix the hole in the carpet, replace the cracked window pane and finish putting up the crown molding.

Arrange the furniture to maximize the room's features. If your master bedroom has a great view, place the bed so the view can be enjoyed while laying down or arrange a cozy reading nook in an unused alcove.

Make the bed with your most beautiful sheets and coverings. Buy new ones if your old ones are faded and worn. Turn down the sheets to make the bed look inviting.

Put fresh bulbs in light fixtures. A well-lit room looks larger and more welcoming. A burnt-out bulb is a small thing, but may leave potential buyers wondering what other maintenance tasks are not being taken care of.

Include one or two finishing touches to make the room look cozy, such as a tidy breakfast tray left on the bed, a bouquet of flowers on the dresser or a classic leather-bound book laying open on the nightstand.


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