How to Decorate a Living Room with Earth Colors

Create a warm and inviting room for socializing by decorating with earth tone colors. The living room is a hub for family nights, quiet evenings with a good book and entertaining guests. Rich chocolates, rusts, tan and sage green colors will bring a touch of nature into the home, creating a calming environment for everyone who spends time in the living room. Whether you choose to completely remodel the room, or simply add earth colors as accents, the decision to decorate a living room with earth colors will subliminally create a welcoming environment.

Things You'll Need

  • Color palette
  • Paint
  • Pillows
  • Area rug
  • Candles
  • Floral arrangements
  • Oversized pot
  • Wooden furniture
  • Pottery lamps
  • Artwork in wooden frames
  • Bowls
  • Potpourri

Consult a color palette for earth tone color combinations and ideas. Consider existing elements that need to be incorporated into the living room, such as existing furniture, wall hangings or flooring. Coordinate the new earth color selections with the existing decor. For example, if the living room has dark hard wood floors, coordinate shades of browns to match the wood.

Paint the walls an earth tone that varies from the main furniture. Choose a light sage green to complement a dark mossy green sofa. Use a latte color on the walls if the couch is chocolate brown. Consider painting trim white as a clean complement to all earth tone colors.

Add a pop of color to the room. Choose deep gold or pumpkin orange throw pillows for a sofa or an area rug. Choose unscented candles in the same hues, and place them on end tables or a fireplace mantle. Create a dried floral arrangement in an over-sized pot to fill a corner. Use tan wisps of wheat, brown stems and green foliage. Add just a few stems with dramatic color such as miniature sunflowers.

Coordinate wooden furniture. Choose end tables, cabinets and decorative pieces with a natural wood finish to add to the earth tone decor. Choose old fashion, carved wooden pieces rather than modern, angular styles. Accent the room with lamps made from pottery in natural earth tone glazes.

Accent the room with natural elements. Place a rust-colored bowl of scented pine cone potpourri on a coffee table. Use drink coasters with a natural wooden finish. Burn a candle or incense that is pine scented. Hang wooden frames with wildlife images or outdoor scenic artwork on the walls.


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