How to Repaint Bedroom Furniture

Furniture in your bedroom, such as a wooden dresser, can easily be repainted when you want to update the look of the room without purchasing new furniture. In order to repaint the furniture, you will need to determine which pieces will need to be updated. You can repaint bedroom furniture by first taking it out of the room and moving it to a place where you can begin the project.

Place the piece of furniture on the cloth sheet. Pull out all of the drawers and remove any knobs or handles with the screwdriver.

Prepare the furniture for paint by washing it with soap and water using a cloth or brush.

Scrape old paint from the furniture with the scraper. Apply liquid paint remover with a paintbrush and then use the scraper.

Sand any paint that remains on the furniture with the sandpaper.

Fill in holes and imperfections in the furniture with wood filler using the putty knife. Wait for the wood filler to dry, then sand it smooth with the sandpaper.

Wipe down the piece of furniture with a damp cloth to remove and dust and residue from sanding.

Apply a coat of primer to the furniture with a paintbrush. Wait at least two hours for the primer to dry.

Apply a coat of new paint to the piece of furniture with the brush or a spray can. Wait at least 12 hours or overnight for the paint to dry. Apply another coat of paint if necessary.


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