How to Arrange Pictures on a Bedroom Wall

You do not need to be an expert to arrange pictures on your bedroom wall in an attractive, interesting way. The key is to consider each piece, both on its own and as part of a group of pictures, to achieve the right look. A bedroom looks messy when pictures are hung without giving any thought to their arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Yardstick
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Nails
  • Picture hooks
  • Hammer
  • Soft lint-free cloth

Place your pictures on the floor, leaning against the bedroom wall that you are going to hang them on. Stand back and look at them. Make sure you do not have too many pictures for that particular wall, and that they complement your decor.

Lay your pictures on your bedroom floor in different arrangements so that you can see what they look like before hammering nails into your wall.

Hang the largest picture in the center of the wall, at eye level. To work out the center of your wall, measure the width and divide it by two. Run a tape measure up the wall from this point to reach your eye level spot. Mark this in pencil.

Arrange your other pictures around your center picture. Take your time and create an attractive arrangement. If your other pictures are of the same size, create a symmetrical arrangement. If they are of all different sizes, try a less controlled layout.

Arrange an even number of pictures of the same size in one large rectangle of square. This type of arrangement works well in a traditional style of bedroom.

Hang two rows of pictures if you have a long wall. Stand back from the wall and work out how high you want your lower row of pictures to be. Take the height of the wall and any items of furniture placed against the wall into account, such as your bed. Draw a faint pencil line using a yardstick to indicate the bottom of the pictures in the lower row. Measure the distance from the bottom of each picture to its hanging wire, and mark these points on the wall with pencil. Follow this process with the higher row of pictures. Erase all noticeable pencil marks after hanging your pictures.

Hang a picture on its own if you want to make it a focal point of the room. Hang other pictures on another wall, and move large items of furniture away from your showcase piece so that nothing detracts from it.

Hammer nails and picture hooks into your wall after you have decided on your arrangement. Hang your pictures and wipe off any fingermarks or dust with a soft lint-free cloth.


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