How to Organize a Small Living Room

A small living room can be a challenge to organize, but the task is not impossible. Utilizing the space you have in your small living room is important to ensuring that you don't end up overcrowding your living area. So learn the simple steps to making your small living room work for you.

Take out anything that doesn't belong there. This can mean toys, clothing, books, or anything that you would usually keep in another room. De-cluttering is important so that when organizing your living room, you are working with essentials for that room and not trying to store unnecessary things.

Remove everything from the living room and put it in another room for the time being. It helps in organizing to start out with a clean slate, so that you can see the space you are working with and have a fresh start.

Pay attention to color. Darker colors can enclose a small space and make the room seem much tinier than it is. Try and stick with furniture, walls, and d├ęcor pieces that are lighter colored and not overpowering.

Avoid furniture that is just for show. For more seating, have a long couch and loveseat, or a sectional. Avoid single seating, such as recliners or chairs. Place furniture against walls and pointed at one area. For instance, if you have your long sofa against one wall, you'll want your TV on the opposite wall, with your loveseat on an adjacent wall.

Purchase a storage ottoman, which can store stuff and be used for seating when needed. If you have a coffee table, place that in the center of your room so that furniture is around it to put drinks and things on.

Measure your coffee table and purchase storage bins that will fit under it. This is a great way to utilize space that you otherwise wouldn't use. You can even make a dust ruffle or table cloth for your coffee table to hide the storage bins.

Find an entertainment center that also has storage space. For a small living room, you want to avoid a basic TV stand and use one that offers shelving to hold your TV, as well as DVDs, books, or other things. This way these objects aren't cluttering your living room space. Again, place your center on the wall opposite your sofa as a focal point.

Put lighting on the ceiling. Lamps and floor lights can cause unnecessary clutter. So stick with a ceiling light, such as a fan with light, or track lighting. This way your room can be well lit, without sacrificing space.

Keep accessories minimal and don't overcrowd. For a small living room, you don't want to add too many large accent pieces. Try adding flair with wall hangings that won't take up any space, and little pieces like scented candles that can sit in the middle of your coffee table. Avoid statues, large table pieces, or shelving that sticks out of walls too much.


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