Marilyn Monroe Themed Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms decorated to evoke or pay homage to a Hollywood star like Marilyn Monroe not only stand out compared to bedrooms with less rarefied inspirations. They also add a touch of glamor to everyday life for whoever inhabits them. Whether you are a Marilyn fan decorating your own bedroom to reflect your enthusiasm, or you are creating a themed room for someone else, take decorating inspiration from Marilyn Monroe's style and iconic images.

Movie Titles Border
Create a custom Marilyn Monroe border by stenciling the titles of her best-known movies along the top edge of the bedroom walls. Use a retro-looking font and stencil letters 6 inches tall to ensure the titles are easily readable. Put a graphic icon like a diamond or a heart between each title. Some Marilyn Monroe movies include "Some Like It Hot," "All About Eve," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "The Seven Year Itch" and "How to Marry a Millionaire."

Portrait Wall
Paint a portrait of Marilyn Monroe that covers an entire wall of the bedroom. Tailor the portrait to your personal aesthetic and your painting abilities. (Alternately, hire a mural artist to execute your vision.) For example, you could adorn your wall with an Andy Warhol-style portrait of Marilyn Monroe executed in bright, surreal colors or a somber, photo-realistic-style black and white portrait. As a playful touch, paint a "frame" around the outer edges of the portrait wall.

Red Sequined Accents
Spice up your bedroom with red sequined accents, evoking Marilyn Monroe's famous red sequined dress in her hit movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Red sequined fabric may be purchased through specialty craft and costume supply shops. Some potential uses for red sequined fabric in your bedroom include curtains (which would also evoke stage curtains, very appropriate for a bedroom paying homage to an actress), throw pillows, covering a lampshade, and upholstering a vanity stool.

All-White Bed
Outfit your bed in sumptuous high-thread-count white cotton sheets and bedding, evoking the setting of Marilyn Monroe's final photo session -- a room in the Hotel Bel-Air. Many of the iconic images from that photo shoot were taken of Marilyn Monroe posing playfully and sensually in the all-white bed. You could hang a print of one of those photos in a frame above the headboard to make sure room visitors pick up on the reference.


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