Decoration Ideas for a Bedroom With Maroon Walls

Painting your bedroom walls maroon will give the space an air of sophistication. Maroon is a dark red, wine-inspired color that coordinates with a variety of other colors. You can use maroon bedroom walls as a starting point for a range of decorating styles, from rustic to elegant.

Classy Black and White
Combining a black and white color scheme with maroon walls is a recipe for elegance. The black and white combination won't compete with the maroon walls, while the rich red will enliven the space. Decorate the bed with a classy black and white toile-patterned quilt for a vintage look. Enhance the quilt with maroon silk decorative pillows and a matching cashmere throw. Hang black ceramic wall sconces on either side of the bed and place a black lamp on the nightstand. Enhance a dresser with a black vase filled with elegant white calla lilies and deep red roses. If the bedroom has wood or tile floors, accent them with plush black or white rugs.

Rustic Red
Play off the nature-inspired feel of maroon by infusing the bedroom with a rustic flair. Use dark red autumn leaves and cranberries as inspiration. Cover the bed with a maroon comforter featuring a deep orange, gold and green leaf design. Hang a wrought iron candle chandelier from the ceiling for a casually elegant look, and install wrought iron wall sconces above the bed. Decorate a dresser or nightstand with terra cotta pots filled with plants. Natural bamboo blinds and rugs will lend an eco-friendly and decorative touch to the bedroom. If you have empty wall space, hang wood shelves and accent them with maroon, gold and sage candles in wrought iron holders.

Opulent Style

Maroon walls will take on an opulent, regal look when combined with ornate decor. Hang gold drapes tied back by shimmering gold cords. Choose an exotic maroon and gold brocade or damask bedspread featuring intricate patterns and shiny threads. Create a focal point by suspending a sparking crystal chandelier featuring gold hardware from the ceiling. Decorate a vanity table and wall shelves with gold vases filled with red roses. White candles cradled in gold votive holders will give the space a glowing ambiance.


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