How to Decorate a Master Bedroom With a Sitting Area

Your master bedroom should make you feel completely at ease and serve as your private oasis or retreat. Decorating a master bedroom with a sitting area is no more difficult than decorating without the sitting area. Having a sitting area does give you more options, which can work to create a more relaxing bedroom. Include items in your bedroom and sitting area that you enjoy, whether they're your favorite colors, fabric choices or accessories.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint and/or wallpaper
  • Furniture
  • Linens
  • Wall decor
  • Accessories

Paint the walls in the bedroom and sitting area in the same soothing shade, such as cream or light beige, or use different colors and patterns to separate the two spaces. For example, the bedroom area can have cream-colored walls, while the sitting area features cream and blue striped wallpaper. The walls in both areas of the master bedroom should complement each other.

Arrange the bedroom furniture first, including the bed, nightstands and dresser. Add furniture to the sitting area that complements the bedroom's style, in a natural arrangement. For example, antique, overstuffed chairs would look awkward next to a low-slung, contemporary platform bed. Visually separate the sitting area from the bedroom by placing chairs, a love seat or chaise lounge with its back to the bedroom or with a folding room divider.

Use complementary bedding, curtains and rugs to unite the two spaces. For example, drape a blue throw over a white chair in the sitting area if your window treatments are blue and your bedding is blue and white. Alternatively, place matching rugs in the bedroom and sitting area.

Hang wall decor in the bedroom and sitting area that complement each other and work with the style of the rooms. Wall sconces, floating shelves, artwork or photographs are some options for the walls. For example, hang a series of garden photos in the sitting area if you have botanical images hanging above your bed.

Accessorize both rooms with complementary items, such as matching lamps. Candles, floral arrangements, houseplants or small collections can grace both rooms. Add small pillows to your chairs, sofa or chaise that match the decorative pillows on your bed for a cohesive look.


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