Chocolate Brown & Mint Color Scheme Living Room Ideas

An interesting color scheme for a home is chocolate brown with mint green. Besides making you hungry for mint chocolate chip ice cream, this color scheme is relaxing and airy as it hints at the colors of nature. If you're thinking about doing something different to your living room, give this color combination a try.

Paint your walls either chocolate brown or mint green for an instant makeover. However, if the living room is tiny, you might want to shy away from painting it a dark brown. This can make the room feel even smaller. The wrong shade of green can also make you feel slightly suffocated. The solution is to alter the color slightly. You can still keep the dark brown and mint green theme going without overdoing it on your walls. Light brown or soft, pale green walls can subtly tie your chocolate and mint living room together. Alternatively, paint your walls a cream color and leave the chocolate and mint hues to the furniture and decorations in the room.

Green furniture can look a bit dated; therefore, for the color scheme it's best to stick with brown furniture. Purchase a brown love seat or a brown couch and two brown chairs. For cream or brown walls, have your window treatments in a mint color. For green walls, choose brown window treatments. Because dark brown is a heavy color, stay away from a heavy curtain materials like velvet. To prevent the room from becoming too dark, mix in some light-colored furniture like white end tables, a white ceiling fan and a light wood coffee table.

Make the room pop with accessories. Purchase or make some mint green accent pillows to throw on your couch and chairs. Purchase a mint green ottoman to match the pillows as well. If you have green walls, hang chocolate brown frames around the room displaying art or your own photos. Display different green candles around the room, as well.


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