How to Decorate and Close Off a Living Room that Opens Up to the Kitchen

If you have a living room that opens up into your kitchen, you may be looking for creative, resourceful and economical ways to divide the space without constructing a wall or installing a door. Closing off a room is a challenging process when you attempt it without investing in major renovations, but there are a few simple accessories you can add to the space to give the impression of two individual rooms.

Things You'll Need

  • Room divider
  • Buffets
  • Plant stand
  • Plants in ceramic pots

Move a unique room divider into the space between the two rooms. An example is a room divider that is made of cubes and serves as a bookcase. The room divider should be more than 5 feet tall and should extend about 6 feet. You can nestle the divider against a connecting wall, where it will serve as a partial boundary between the two rooms. Fill part of the room divider bookcase with books, potted plants, statues and other home decor items that are typical for a living room area. In the other sections of the bookcase divider, arrange kitchen-related items, such as pots, rooster statues, baskets of oven mitts and recipe books. The room divider then becomes not only a boundary for the rooms but a display case for your room-specific accessories.

Place two identical buffets that are horizontal and slender against each of the opposite connecting walls to divide the space. Place stacks of books, DVDs, statues and other home decor items on top of the buffets if they are facing the living room area. If you place the buffets facing the kitchen, you can store kitchen items in the buffet drawers, such as silverware and linens. Alternatively, you can create a compromise between the two rooms by mixing and matching art books and cookbooks and filling china teacups with small plants. By placing the buffets opposite one another, you will divide the room while keeping a space in the middle that allows you to pass from one room to the other.

Stack potted plants in several plant stands of varying heights along the width of the rooms to create a natural, green boundary between the kitchen and the living room. Plants look the same forward and backward, which will give you the same view regardless of your position in either room. Potted herbs, aloes and cacti are natural choices for a kitchen, and you can mix these kitchen plants with more standard living room plants, such as ferns and decorative potted grasses.


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