How to Design a Ikea Kitchen

Designing a Ikea kitchen can seem a bit tricky, but if you fallow the proper steps it can be the easiest kitchen you can imagine designing.

The first step is to measure your space. Draw a diagram for both top and bottom cabinets and measure each separately. Also measure the room. Make sure to check the depth of the cabinets. Most are standard but if you had custom cabinets before you may have weird measurements.

Now make a trip to Ikea. This is not to purchase yet but to pick the cabinet fronts you want and the counter tops. You can also look at appliances, lighting and hardware. Pick all of these out together so they will match. Ikea has it set up so that you pick the cabinet doors you would like and the insides are the same. This makes it easy. Don't forget to pick up a cabinet price book.

Now go home and write a list of the design elements that are important. Ikea has a lot of storage solutions so use these like puzzle pieces in your kitchen. For instance if you would like to put a pull out garbage can in your kitchen you may want it near the sink. This is the time for you to sit down and put things in the proper order that will work for you.

Now take your cabinet price book that you picked up from Ikea and write down a list of the cabinets you need to make your space and write down the price. This book reads like a graph. So using the cabinet from the top and the style cabinet fronts in the row you should get the price. Write down your counter top measurements and how many pieces of hard ware you need.

For this step you will need to go purchase your items from Ikea and plan a date to have them delivered. Go back to the store and talk with the kitchen representative. Go through the checklist and make sure that everything has been accounted for. Try and have a plan about a month ahead so if you need to order anything you have plenty of time for it to arrive. .

Now that you have a plan and have the materials you get to go to work putting your dream kitchen from Ikea together.


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