Interior Photos for Living Room Decor Ideas

A vast number of photos exist online offering ideas for living room decor. The trick is finding photos or ideas that will work in your living room based on its shape, the existing furniture, your decorating style and your budget. When looking for decorating ideas, look beyond the entire room in the photo to find interesting accessory ideas, wall art, rugs and paint colors that you could blend into your existing space.

House Beautiful Photo Gallery
Visit the Designer Living Rooms section of House Beautiful's website to open their complimentary living room idea gallery. There you find an extensive photo gallery of 47 living rooms from homes all over the country. Featured living rooms will give you ideas for many decorating styles. Get ideas for living rooms that keep it clean and modern using bright, prime colors or go dark and moody, blending navy blue walls with rich dark wooden accents. Choose ideas from the sedate urban high rise living room, the living room inspired by the owner's antiques, the European style formal living room or the simple, cottage inspired space. Glean ideas not only from the photos, but the owner's description of the design process. Some of the interiors were created by professional interior designers while others were simply compiled by knowledgeable home owners.

House Beautiful

Living Rooms from Southern Living
Discover the feature 10 Lovely Living Rooms from the folks at Southern Living's site to view interior photos of 10 vastly different living room designs. The spaces feature simple updates and decorating ideas that can be borrowed to freshen or make over any living room. A detailed feature accompanies each photo, telling you what was done in the room and how the home owners accomplished the look. Styles differ, so you'll be able to get ideas appropriate to decorate your first living room, incorporate family heirlooms to create a focal point in your room or add seating to a room of unusual shape.

Southern Living

Living Rooms from Country Living
Don't let the name of this website fool you. The photo gallery of 61 living rooms found on the Decorating Ideas for a Living Room feature on Country Living's website are anything but pure country. Gather ideas on how to take your living room from boring to crisp black and white; revisit yesterday with the warmth of a Victorian inspired room; or bend a room with a cabin feel into a room that makes you feel as if you are seated in the great outdoors. Take ideas from room photos that display Grandma's china as wall art, or paint the ceiling and walls to match in a room meant to provide a cozy space for a busy family. Some of the photos were taken to highlight an unusual feature of the living room decor, allowing you to easily borrow small and large ideas from different rooms.


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