How to Decorate a Formal Living Room

Formal living rooms seem to have gone out of style in the past few years. Many house hunters say that they would never use the room, or they even turn it into a play room. However, if you love the aspect of having a separate room for entertaining then formal living rooms are the perfect fit. Here is how to get a room that you will still use more than several times a year.

Add height. Many great rooms have high ceilings. If you've always wanted this look, fool the eye. Buy extra long drapes & hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. This makes your windows seem taller & doesn't break up the room.

Use pattern. Wallpaper is back. It's not really the stuffy wallpaper or even the country borders of the past. Tone on tone black damask wallpaper is used by a lot of decorating show designers. It turns any room into a formal living room but still has a sense of humor. Just make sure that you prepare the area properly so it's easy to take down if you should change your mind in a few years. Use it just on one wall so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Create seating groups. Your formal living room may be quite large. You don't need to have all of your furniture placed against the wall. Create seating groups, kind of like you'd find at a hotel lobby. This way people will be able to have quieter conversations at parties while still being a part of the group.

Hide the TV. This usually isn't the focal point of a formal living room. You can even buy a special mirror. When you turn on the TV, you can see it through the mirror. If you have a flat screen, frame it out in a formal frame.

Create an entry way. Most pictures of formal living rooms are taken from the top of a stair case. You can create a makeshift hallway for your room by changing up the flooring or adding a free floating bookshelf there.

Bring in life. Fake plants in formal living room can seem a little cliche & like grandma's house. Instead, use a few live plants. If this isn't possible go with a high end fake plant & keep it dusted.

Add architectural elements. Crown molding is an easy way to turn your space into a formal living room. It is traditionally white & may just cost a few hundred dollars. It can even be a selling feature when you put your house on the market.


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