How to Decorate a Feng Shui Bedroom With the Color Salmon

Serenity and comfort can be experienced in a feng shui bedroom design. Decorating a feng shui bedroom with the color salmon can be a calming and relaxing way to create a warm and welcoming bedroom style. Interior decorating trends in the feng shui motif require the incorporation of Asian elements and modern decor into the bedroom design. The color salmon can be used to bring visual interest into this important room in your Asian-inspired home.

Things You'll Need

  • Salmon-colored room paint
  • Asian-inspired accessories
  • Salmon-colored botanical accents
  • Asian-inspired furniture

Paint the entire bedroom a soft salmon color. Since salmon is not a boisterous or dominant color, it can be used on the walls in a feng shui bedroom to create warmth in the room. For the best results, choose a shade of salmon that has a hint of rust or peach in its composition. Avoid using shades of salmon that have a noticeable pink hue. If the bedroom is small, you can paint one wall a salmon color and leave the other walls white or off-white. Select a salmon-colored wall paint that has a flat or satin paint texture; avoid high-gloss shines.

Select bedroom furniture that incorporates an Asian-inspired theme into the room. Choose natural brown wood tones that complement the peachy hue in salmon. Avoid furniture that has light oak, maple or pine stains that tend to wash out and decrease the visual impact of the color salmon. For a strong feng shui theme, use black furniture with Asian etchings and hardware to create comfort and harmony in the room. Select pieces of furniture that have a modern, global appeal.

Incorporate the natural botanical world into the room. Add a peaceful water fountain with salmon-colored stones, several colorful Asian plants with salmon-hued blooms and an assortment of bamboo artifacts into the design of the room. Feng shui has a spalike vibe that introduces the warm and seducing elements of the outdoors into the interior living space. Use bamboo, greenery and attractive flowering plants in the room design. Place these feng shui salmon-colored botanical accents on a dresser, accent table or floor area.

Add salmon bedding and decorative accents to the room design. Choose window treatments with wrought iron or bamboo curtain rods and salmon-colored silky fabrics. The luxury of the feng shui design blends traditional Asia style with modern romanticism. The color salmon can be incorporated into the comforter and bedding, throw pillows, throw rugs, wall art, table decorations, lamps and decorative candles. These Asian-inspired decorative accents will bring the warmth of salmon into the overall room design.


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