How to Decorate a Zen Living Room

Create a calming, Zen-inspired living room using Asian decor touches. Take a minimalist approach when designing the space by using neutral colors. Choose furniture pieces with clean lines and dark-wood details. Aim for an uncluttered, Feng Shui-inspired look. Look for decor items that balance each other to instill a sense well-being within your family members. A Zen-look living room is the ideal space in which to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Shoji screen
  • Furniture
  • Wall Decor
  • Decor touches, such as vases and flowers

Paint the living room walls a calming, neutral hue. Design a Zen-like space using sage green, bisque, slate gray, sand and putty shades.

Create a personal space using a Japanese shoji screen. Shoji screens are constructed of bamboo and rice paper and traditionally have two, three or four panels; choose a screen made with sustainably harvested wood as an eco-friendly touch. Pick an elegant white screen, or one featuring orchids or Japanese symbols. Use the shoji screen to partition off a place for yoga or meditation.

Buy Zen-inspired Asian furniture. Choose pieces that sit low to the ground and feature clean lines for a minimalist look. Choose a wide couch with flat cushions in shades of ecru or grey and solid wood details. Place Japanese tatami mats on the sides of a coffee table for floor sitting. Buy a standing lamp featuring a box design covered with rice paper, which will filter the light for a soft glow.

Hang Zen-like wall decor. Decorate with rectangular mirrors featuring a cherry or wood frame, latticework and beveled glass. Hang art prints displaying ancient Feng Shui symbols and colors in black frames.

Finish the look with exotic decor touches. Set out a simple black vase filled with fresh or silk orchids. Turn your living room into a calming respite with a standing, tabletop or hanging water fountain featuring granite details. Fill large cherry blossom-printed vase with dried bamboo sticks.


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