How to Decorate a Bedroom in Peacock Colors

Bright blues, greens, ambers and browns decorate the feathers of a peacock. Unlike human hair, the peacock's bright, radiant coloring comes from light reflecting off of the feathers rather than mere pigmentation. As a result, the exact color of a peacock shifts depending on the angle at which you view it. Regardless of if you're creating a room with incredibly bright jewel tones or a slightly more sedate room that features muted shades of the peacock, you can find ways to incorporate your desired colors into every aspect of your space.

Create two-toned walls. The bottom color should feature a brighter color, such as blue or green, while the top is a light burnt amber. You can use any combination of fabric, paint or wallpaper to create your two-toned walls.

Hang thin silky curtains of rich chocolate brown, bright jewel green and navy on your windows. You can use six panels of alternating colors on one curtain rod to create the look of a peacock's tail feathers.

Fill a vase that matches the green or blue of your curtains with peacock feathers. Set in an area where the feathers can reflect the light coming in from the windows.

Decorate the room with wooden or dark leather furniture. Dark brown pieces, such as mahogany or ebony, will contrast well against the bright colors of the room's other decorations.

Upholster furniture in richly toned fabrics, like silk or satin. If you want a bright room, look for peacock blues and greens to match your curtains. Use amber or brown fabrics for a more subdued look. Add throw pillows in greens, blues and browns to the bed.

Search for abstract art that uses peacock colors. Rather than hanging pictures of the animal itself, you can use abstract art to bring attention to the colorful theme, especially if you have chosen to paint the wall in a pale color. Purchase multiple small peacock-colored pictures or landscape scenes and hang them wherever you feel the room needs adornment.

Place lamps with stained-glass lampshades in blues, greens and amber on brown tables.


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