Interior Decorating Ideas for the Living Room

Of all the rooms in your home, the living room is the most exciting to decorate. Imagination, creativity, and functionality are the keys to an inviting room, which you and your guests can enjoy. Begin with a clean slate by removing all clutter. Choose colors you like and decor you prefer. Experiment with different accessories until you find the look you like.

Clutter and Arrangement
The first step to decorating your living room is to remove all the clutter. Throw away the piles of magazines; clear off the coffee table and end tables, and remove all small collectibles. You can bring the collectibles back once you decide how the room is going to look, but for now, you want to remove any objects that distract you from designing your room. Rearrange the furniture, so you have good traffic flow and no objects interfere from that flow. You should be able to move to the couch and chairs without moving around objects. Create an area for conversation. Arrange your furniture, so you can easily talk with visiting friends or family.

Focal Point and Accessories
Choose an area of the room for your focal point. This could be a large set of windows, a couch against the wall, a fireplace, or an entertainment center. Once you decide on the focal point, choose color, accessories, and lighting to enhance the point. Colors that contrast or complement the focal point are good choices. Decorate around the focal point. If your focal point is a fireplace, add large, tall candles to the mantle. If the focal point is the couch, add colorful pillows or a throw, and try placing books piled askew on the coffee table. Place a plant near the focal point for added interest. Avoid too many small objects. Stick with odd numbers such as three or five for the mantle top, pictures on a wall, or objects on the entertainment center.

Lighting adds mood, functionality, and brightens the focal point. If the focal point is a window, consider window treatments that let in the natural light. Track lighting works well if you want to spotlight a piece of art. Floor lamps are excellent choices for added decor and function. Always make sure you have plenty of lamps for reading, as well. Consider putting your lights on dimmer switches to create a mood.


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