How to Decorate a Music-Themed Bedroom

Perhaps you have a tween who wants to redecorate her room with a music theme. Or, maybe your own love of music has inspired you to create a music-themed bedroom. Whatever the case, there are many ways that do-it-yourself decorators can take this theme and personalize it based on specific musical preferences. Here are several ideas to get you started on creating a music-themed bedroom.

Things You'll Need

  • Music-themed stencils
  • Paint and painting supplies
  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Heavy rope or twine
  • Old CDs or records
  • Sheet music
  • Picture frames
  • Old album covers

Purchase music-themed stencils that you can trace on your walls to create a musical wallpaper border. About halfway up your room's walls, trace around music notes, treble clefs and other music-related stencils. Then, fill in your trace lines with black interior wall paint. This look works best with solid-colored light walls.

Think black and white for your bedding. Purchase a solid black comforter, and accent it with solid white pillows. Or purchase a solid white comforter, and accent it with solid black pillows. You can also buy music-themed bedding and toss pillows from many retail websites.

Make window dressings that accentuate your music theme. One nontraditional idea is to string old CDs or records on a heavy piece of rope or twine and then hang this one-of-a-kind valance from two nails on either side of your window. Another idea is to cut out black music notes and treble clefs from felt and glue them to a solid white valance. For a more traditional look, simply hang solid white, solid black or black-and-white printed curtains on your window.

Frame sheet music of your favorite symphonies or songs to create music-themed artwork for your walls. If your music tastes include classic rock, frame old album covers to hang on your walls.

Paint a treble clef staff or music notes on the fronts of dresser or bureau drawers for instant musical panache.


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