How to Make a Room Part Nursery & Parent Bedroom

Sometimes, it's just not practical to set up your baby in her very own nursery. Other times, you simply don't have the space or the option to do so. Fortunately, you can share the square footage in your room with your baby by making it part nursery and part parent bedroom. While you will lose some available living space for yourself, you can make two separate areas where it will seem like you and your baby each have your own room.

Partition Solution
Choose a section of your room that you can partition off. If you have a dresser in your room, consider putting that into your baby's portion of the room where you can use it as a changing table.

Hinge together two or three louvered doors or pieces of plywood that are 18 to 24 inches wide and 84 inches high.

Decorate one side of the makeshift partition to complement your decor and decorate the other side in a baby theme. Exercise your creativity with fabric, wallpaper or paint.

Partition off an area for the baby's space and move his crib and any other furniture or supplies into the area.

Sacrifice a Walk-In Closet
Move your clothes from your walk-in closet to a rolling clothes rack and store your shoes in a large container under the bed.

Remove the door from its hinges and store it under your bed or somewhere else in the house.

Decorate the walls of the closet just as you would any room designated as a nursery. Move a small crib into the area and any other items that will fit such as a changing table or toys.


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