How to Decorate a Kitchen With a Mexican Theme

A well-decorated kitchen provides you, your family and guests with an attractive atmosphere in which to enjoy meals and socialize. Aside from the popular contemporary and country kitchen decor schemes, choosing to decorate a kitchen with a Mexican theme creates festive ambiance. From Latin-inspired wall art to south of the border paint schemes, decorating your kitchen with a Mexican theme will dazzle your guests and make meal times fun for the entire family.

Things You'll Need

  • Mexican wall art
  • Kitchen essentials

Pay attention to the color scheme of your kitchen and choose your kitchen basics accordingly. Matching the decor with the wall and furniture colors of your kitchen pulls the look together nicely.

Pick assorted framed works of art for your kitchen. Stick to a Mexican theme by purchasing art prints of peppers, the Mexican flag or beautiful Mexican landscapes.

Place the largest art print centrally on the largest wall of your kitchen. Strategically place any other prints throughout the kitchen in various places.

Choose kitchen essentials to correspond with the color scheme and artwork of your kitchen. Essentials include table coverings, window treatments and towel sets. Commercial towel sets often come embossed with designs, and Mexican themes make a common appearance on embossed towel sets.

Choose a variety of other accessories to accentuate the Mexican decor scheme of your kitchen. Salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders and silverware containers displaying Mexican flags make excellent choices.


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