How to Decorate a Bedroom With a Dark Plum Color

Dark plum is a deep purple with reddish undertones. Plum works in a variety of bedroom settings, whether you're creating a princess-themed little girl's bedroom, a vibrant bedroom for a teen, a luxurious spare bedroom or a romantic master bedroom. Pair the plum with lighter shades, such as cream, gray or champagne, to soften the room and prevent it from creating a dark, dungeon-like space. Textures and patterns can also help dress the room up -- or down.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint or wallpaper
  • Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Wall decor
  • Accessories

Paint the walls dark plum, or only paint a single wall plum as an accent wall. Alternatively, paint the lower portion of the walls plum with a chair rail and the top portion a light neutral, such as cream or gray. Mix a patterned wallpaper into the mix above plum paint if you prefer patterns on the walls, such as a gold and cream damask print.

Place your bedroom furniture in the room so it stands out against the walls. Use white furniture against dark plum walls, or use plum or black furniture against light-colored walls. For example, a velvet-covered plum headboard will "pop" against white, cream or gray walls.

Add texture to your bedroom with your textiles. Satin plum sheets stand out against a white duvet and complement plum walls in a romantic bedroom. Hang satin white or gray panels over the windows to tie it together. A velvet plum and gray comforter can work in a luxurious bedroom with heavy velvet drapes and light gray walls. Use a plum comforter with gray and white circles for a modern teen bedroom.

Hang photographs, artwork, framed posters, sconces or wall sculptures on the walls. For example, frame pressed white flowers in a clear picture frame or against a plum mat to hang on white or light walls. Black-and-white photographs in black frames stand out against plum walls. Wrought-iron wall sculptures or candle sconces add a soft and romantic or modern touch to the room.

Accessorize the room with dark plum items if most of the room is decorated with lighter colors, such as throw pillows, a rug, lamps, candles, flowers, vases or a clock. Use lighter colors if there's already a lot of dark plum in the room. Introduce patterns through your accessories if you don't want to commit to a pattern elsewhere, such as stripes, polka dots, floral patterns, damask, toile or geometric shapes.


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