How to Create a Masculine Bedroom

Masculine style is restrained, distinguished and bold. A bedroom reflective of male sensibilities can be as inviting as any frilly fortress designed by the most indulgent of interior designers. Create a clean, modern and masculine bedroom by following the guidelines below.

Survey the situation. Study your bedroom and take notice of the size, lines and angles of the space. Also consider your existing furnishings and bedroom accessories as you work toward a masculine feel. You may decide to overhaul the existing look altogether or work off of the current style.

Measure the space. Floor, wall and window dimensions should be understood before you start buying items for the room to ensure the items are a good fit.

Decide on a color palette. Go neutral with white, tan or beige walls. For a more bold statement, paint walls blue, brown or another deep shade. Take into consideration the size of your bedroom when choosing a wall color. Darker colors will close up the space while lighter colors open up the room. Compromise by painting one wall a dark shade and keeping the others white.

Select your bedding. Use nature as inspiration when deciding on colors and patterns. Consider a solid colored duvet and matching pillow cases. Don't overdress the bed with decorative shams and throw pillows. Keep it clean and simple. Stripes and plaids in dark colors are masculine in nature. For a stronger composition, pair stripes with plaids or simply add patterned pillowcases with a monochromatic comforter.

Dress the windows. Cover windows with simple panels in a heavy material. Avoid sheers or light fabrics and select a contrast color that works with the existing color palette. Window treatments are a good way to incorporate bold colors without overwhelming the room.

Work in the details. A mahogany bowl holds car keys and loose change while at the same time functions as an eye-catching display piece. Select decorative items constructed from dark wood or metal. Situate an Art Deco style lamp next to your bed. Be conservative in your use of decorative pieces and select rugged yet refined items to add a sense of character.


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