How to Make My Bedroom Into My Home Office

Whether you are moving your existing bedroom into another room or turning your boudoir into a double-duty space, a home office in a bedroom is a space-defying feat many homeowners and renters take on. The key to making it work is clearly defining your spaces and keeping it all neat and organized.

Things You'll Need

  • Neutral-colored bed coverings
  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Bookshelves
  • Area rug
  • Task lighting
  • Message center

Turn the bed into a sofa. If the room is still going to function as your bedroom as well as your office, turn the bed so that it sits lengthwise against the wall and place large pillows against the back to act as a sofa back. Get a neutral-colored comforter to cover the bed and make daily.

Move any bureaus you have from your bedroom into your new bedroom or into the closet. A functional home office eliminates distractions, so excess furniture should be removed to make room for the office furnishings.

Designate a place for your desk. You'll need an average-size desk for your computer or laptop as well as your printer and other accessories. Choose a place near an outlet as well as your cable or phone hookup for Internet access.

Get a comfortable office chair. Since this is a home office, choose leather or a more fashionable office chair rather than the standard black utilitarian office chair, which may not fit into your home decor.

Purchase some bookshelves. Bookshelves can help keep you organized and act as valuable desktop space to hold printers or phones. Place software and data storage devices on shelves to keep them safe and dust free.

Use an area rug to define your space. Especially important for a usable bedroom, an area rug can add both style and a visual boundary for your home office. Place the area rug under your desk space and desk chair.

Provide task lighting. Use a desk lamp on your workspace to provide appropriate lighting without adding bulk to the room. Use a table lamp near the bed area to give the room a soft glow for guests or for your own restful evenings.

Hang a message center near or over the desk area to hold your calendars, bill due dates, receipts and anything else you want to keep close at hand or in the forefront of your mind.


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