How to Paint a Hockey Bedroom

If you are designing a hockey-themed room, chances are you are content to simply display posters and memorabilia on the wall. However, if instead of hanging up pictures and memorabilia, you decide on painting a design on the wall, there are a few different choices. These depend largely on the supplies at hand and your own artistic ability. One of the easier and more popular designs is a top-down view of a hockey rink.

Things You'll Need

  • Paintbrush
  • Red paint
  • Blue paint
  • Black paint
  • Drafting compass
  • Tape

Paint the wall white. This will best replicate the look of a hockey rink. Measure the wall. After measuring, separate the wall into thirds with two blue lines. Then paint a red dashed line to halve the wall.

Use black or blue paint to paint two rectangles on either side of the wall. These will represent the goals. They should be close to the edge of the wall but not at the very edge. After this, paint a solid red line, aligned with the front of each goal, from the top to the bottom of each wall.

Trace the circles and semicircles of a hockey rink with a drafting compass. Draw a circle in the very center of the rink. This circle should be halved by the dashed red line.

Make four more circles. Each of these circles will be halfway between the goal line and the blue line separating your wall into thirds. Each one of these will be located near the top and bottom of the wall. Make sure to leave at least a foot of space between the edge of the wall and the beginning of the circles.

Draw semicircles in front of the goals with the drafting compass. Each semicircle is called the crease. Semicircles can either be left blank or be painted in. Some hockey rinks use rectangles instead of semicircles. If you like the look of rectangular creases instead of semicircles, you may make that substitution.

Draw red dots in the center of each circle you have drawn. After this, you will have properly replicated a top-down view of a hockey rink on a wall. This is a great touch in any hockey-themed room, whether it is a bedroom or a den.


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