Decorating a Living Room With Yellow Walls

Yellow is an ideal color to paint a living room because it is energizing and welcoming. It's a color that brings to mind the sun and warmth. If your living room walls are painted yellow, there are several ways to decorate the space to create a variety of different looks. Before decorating your yellow living room, consider your personal taste and choose accent colors and accessories that not only work with the color, but also speak to your style.

Create a country chic living room. Bring a white wicker sofa topped with blue gingham cushions into the room. Place a glass-topped white wicker coffee table in front of the sofa. Flank the sides of the sofa with whitewashed tables. Blue-and-white checked curtains pop against yellow walls. For lighting, use brass floor and table lamps. Cover the floor with a multicolored braided rug. Hang a painting of a country landscape on a wall. Fill a vase with am arrangement of wildflowers and set it on the coffee table.

Decorate a modern yellow living room. Use black, white and silver as the colors for your furniture and accessories for this design. Use a straight-backed white sofa and black lacquered coffee and end tables in the room. A variety of window coverings will work for this style -- floor-to-ceiling white, black or black-and-white toile are just some examples. Create a large square pattern with several small, square mirrors placed in black frames on a focal wall. On the floor, place a black shag area rug or an area rug that features a black-and-white geometric print. Place black square pillows on the sofa. Add pops of silver with vases and lamps in the room.

Design a sunny rustic retreat. Suspend two-by-fours from the ceiling to give the room the appearance of exposed beams. Use an overstuffed leather couch and a large, reclaimed wood coffee table in this space. Cover windows with wood shutters. If the living room has a fireplace, cover the surface with river rock or slate. Take black-and-white or sepia-toned pictures of trees, flowers, rivers and other nature-related items. Print out the photos and set them in wooden frames. Turn the framed photos into a wall collage. Use wood or wrought-iron lamps in the room. Wrought-iron wall sconces set behind the couch serve as ideal reading lights.


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