How to Promote a Small Kitchen Business

Your small kitchen business is dedicated creating kitchen spaces that are warm and inviting, yet functional and stylish. You consider everything from selecting economical, energy-efficient appliances to pairing backsplashes with countertops. But beyond the day-to-day routine of creating kitchen spaces, take some time out to consider ways to promote your small kitchen business so that you can attract more clients and increase your profit margin. The tips below are simple, easy and, best of all, budget-friendly.

Things You'll Need

  • Current and past customers
  • Website designer
  • Website
  • Facebook page (optional)
  • Twitter account (optional)
  • Camera
  • Before-and-after pictures of your designs
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing brochures
  • Business cards
  • Local businesses and associations

Connect with your past and current customers. Create a referral program that allows them to suggest your services to their friends, family and colleagues. Offer incentives to entice current customers to help you book new business through word-of-mouth.

Create a website for your small kitchen business with the assistance of a website designer. Keep it simple by including a description of your business, a list of services, customer testimonials, an online portfolio with pictures of your best work (before-and-after shots work best) and your contact information. Use your website to announce new services and to provide visitors with kitchen design tips. Promote your website by including it on your business card, email communications and any marketing material you develop.

Use sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and get people to check out your design portfolio on your website.

Get involved locally by participating in community events and joining local business associations. These events usually bring the business community and residents together and are great opportunities for networking and introducing people to your small kitchen business.

Offer a special sales promotion for a popular holiday season, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. The offer will appeal to homeowners who are hosting holiday parties or dinners at their home. Start advertising the promotion months in advance so that there's time to get the improvements done before the holiday season arrives. Hang flyers, and place brochures at local businesses and in the mailboxes of your potential clients.

Partner with real estate agents in your area. Create a mutually beneficial deal, and promote each other's services to your current and future customers. Real estate agents often have clients who are looking to spruce up their kitchens before they sell a home. Their previous clients may also require your kitchen services to update their current homes.

Keep your business cards on you at all time. You never know when you may strike up a conversation with a potential client. Work with a graphic designer to create a logo for your business that you can include on your cards. Include your name, contact information and website address on your business cards.


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