Decorating Ideas for a Living Room That Is 13.5 Ft. by 19 Ft.

Transform the living room into a space filled with charm and vibrancy. Rectangular 13 ½-by-19-foot living rooms accommodate plenty of accents and favorite decorative pieces. When decorating the living room, incorporate your personal flair. Furnish the room with comfortable seating and incorporate texture and color to help create dimension in the room. Bringing in your own distinct style and touches to the living room design creates the feeling of home.

Paint & Wallpaper
Incorporate vibrant hues in the living space using paint. Accent walls in a bright orange or navy blue provide a burst of color to the living space. The intense color applied on one wall livens up the room. Add paint color behind an open bookcase or hutch for an unexpected accent wall in the room. Neutral hues like creamy white and tan contrast nicely with dark pieces of furniture and accessories with color.

Textured wallpaper like jute provides dimension to the living room space but without consuming the room. The earth tones of jute complement informal and formal spaces, as well as a wide range of decorating styles. Have fun adding a whimsical wallpaper pattern in dramatic colors like bright green and deep raspberry. Trellis, stripes and botanical printed wallpaper adds a colorful backdrop behind an oversized mirror or favorite collection of photographs.

Window Treatments
Choose shades and curtains that complement existing accessories and furniture styles. Window treatments like roman shades in crisp white linen provide an elegant, classic feel to the room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains in silk taffeta add drama and texture to the living room windows. Their subtle sheen reflects an opulent and over-the-top display. Echo the earth colors found around the room using bamboo blinds. Made in a wide range of colors and sizes, they provide a relaxed feel to the space.

Have fun choosing accessories to finish off the living room space. A collection of mirrors in various shapes and sizes look stunning over a fireplace mantle or along one wall of the room. An oversized mirror over the fireplace creates the illusion of a larger, brighter space. A collection of vases or dinner plates resting on a bookcase provides a small, eclectic vignette in the room. Bring in pops of color with pillows or try adding a thin piece of ribbon around a favorite lampshade or curtain.


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