How to Paint Your Bedroom in Happy Colors

Ultimately, the paint colors that make you happy should cover your bedroom walls. But when you're not sure, there are ways to guarantee the colors you choose are joyful ones. Avoid strong reds -- too stimulating and aggressive in the bedroom. Examine different paint chips and reflect on the emotions the colors evoke after you look at them to find the tones that make you the most contented. And choose colors with a tint of white added to them for a pleasing result.

Pretty in Pink
Pink, a tinted version of red with white added to it, adds a cheerful color to the bedroom. While an entire pink room might suit a young child who likes the color, too much can feel bubble-gummy if you don't choose an almost white tint of pink. For adults, paint a focal wall in pink, and match it with a pale gray on the remaining walls. Pink takes the stimulation of red and turns it into a soothing, calm and refreshing color, especially when paired with light dove gray or other silver metallics. Add a touch of sea-foam green in accents or decor for a complementary effect.

Washed in White
When you're in the house a lot and don't get enough exposure to sunlight, it's easy to get a form of winter depression -- also called seasonal affective disorder. Crisp white with trim framing the walls in soft tangerine or pale yellow can perk your mood right up. White reflects the light around the room, making it appear bright and lively. Add more spots of color with a quilt that includes tangerines, yellows and pinks in a pleasing pattern.

Lively Lavender
With lavender, made from combining red, blue and white, you get the best of these colors blended together. Lavender promotes a positive and optimistic vibe, especially when you wake up to it. A comfortable wing-back reading chair with beige or taupe upholstery that includes pale green and lavender flowers begs you to cuddle up with your favorite book before retiring. If lavender is too much on all the walls, paint the ceiling in lavender to add height and light to the room, but cover the walls in pale spring green for a soothing but sanguine result.

Gracious Greens
Forest green is not suitable in the bedroom, but light greens -- sage green, sea green, a lightened aquamarine or even a paler version of a Granny Smith apple green -- all bring a sense of harmony to the bedroom area. As the color in the center of the spectrum, green strikes a balance between colors to either side of it. Frame sage green walls with trim painted pale fern green and you'll wake feeling renewed and expectant.

Youthful Yellow
The soft light yellow of a newborn chick or the yellow of a dandelion, with a touch of white to diffuse its brightness, brings a sense of happiness and buoyancy to a room. The same color as the happy face, the right shade of yellow exudes emotional strength, confidence and hopefulness. Yellow has a long and stimulating wavelength, so reduce the excitement of a bright yellow by adding white -- a paler yellow still lifts your spirits when you get up.


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