How to Create a Japanese-Themed Teen Bedroom

Japanese-themed bedrooms are popular among teenagers, thanks to the popularity of Japanese comic books and animated movies and television shows, simply called "manga" and "anime," respectively, here in the U.S. Anime first came to the U.S. in 1964 with the appearance of the Astroboy cartoon. Since then, interest in manga and anime has been steadily increasing. The '60s also brought us the original Speed Racer. The Transformers and Dragon Ball hit in the '80s. Pokemon was huge in the '90s. In the 2000s, we welcomed Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hamtaro, Naruto and Beyblade. As of 2010, there have been well over 100 anime cartoons aired in the U.S. ... including Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo!

A Japanese-themed bedroom is clean, simple and uncluttered. Furnishings are low-profile with straight lines, so platform beds fit very well into a Japanese-themed bedroom. Dressers, mirrors and desks must also be simple and can be made of a wood or metal. Industrial-type furniture blends well also.

Look for a low-profile, tight weave sisal, bamboo or rush grass rug if you'll be replacing the carpeting. If the room has wood floors or carpet that must stay put, purchase smaller throw rugs to place next to the bed, in front of the dresser or under the desk. A bamboo rug with a design painted on it will look attractive hanging on the wall.

Decorate the walls with Japanese-themed art. Purchase a large canvas and write words in Japanese characters on it. Use rice paper screens to line a wall or to create a small private space. Paint a simple Japanese-style mural on the wall.

Fashion rice paper panels to cover the windowpanes, or use a natural fabric in a neutral tone as curtains that filter the light. Following Japanese tradition, dress the bed in a solid-colored bedspread or comforter. If the overall sense of serenity is too tame for your teen, make the bed the focal point of the room by sewing a bedspread out of a vibrant, eye-catching fabric used to make the traditional Japanese robe called a kimono.


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