How to Decorate a Co-Ed Bedroom

Bedrooms for children and youths are usually decorated according to gender. Decorating a bedroom shared by a boy and girl presents a special challenge. Girls and women often have very different preferences in color and material than boys and men. Using techniques to bridge this gap and merge both preferences can help create a space that is pleasant for everyone.

Choose neutral colors. Neutral colors are colors such as grey and white that are not warm or cool in feel. A neutral color can help create an agreeable sensation of restfulness that can be very soothing to both genders in a bedroom. Paint the room's walls white or lay down beige carpeting.

Choose colors that do not evoke a certain gender. Colors such as yellow and green are generally not associated with boys or girls. By using such colors you can help create the sense that the room in question has not been designed with a specific gender in mind.

Add a pop of color. An item such as a rug or pillow in a bright color such as red can help make a bedroom feel like an exciting space, an aspect that appeals to both sexes.

Decorate with prints. A print such as a stripe or tartan can be a good way to add depth to a bedroom without making it feel as it were designed for a man or woman. Purchase a tartan duvet to spread on a bed and make the room cozier during cold nights.

Choose fabrics that appeal to both sexes. Use soft fabrics such as jersey for sheets and pillowcases. Such fabrics soften the lines of a room without necessarily making it feel more feminine. Both men and women often like the feel of such fabrics. Jersey is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Add one item that evokes each gender. A girl can keep her doll collection in the corner of the room without making the bedroom feel like a little girl's room. A boy can place his toy train collection against the closet as well.

Place a child's name above their bed in wood or plastic. If two children of opposite genders are sharing a bedroom, using their names can add decoration to the wall without making it seem masculine or feminine.


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