About Decorative Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Decorative plastic ceiling tiles will add an elegant touch to your living room, dining room or bedroom. Made of molded plastic, these tiles have intricate designs that resemble the elegant tin ceilings of centuries past, without the expense.

You'll have a wide variety of colors and three-dimensional designs to choose from at online stores or at home improvement retailers.

The variety of ceiling tile patterns is surprisingly large. They range from plain flat and molded edge panels to baroque, gothic, French floral, Spanish rose, palm leaf panels and even include exotic animal skin designs such as alligator, ostrich and elephant. All are in three dimensional form.

If you prefer the look of antique copper, gold or silver or if you have a specific color in mind, decorative plastic ceiling tiles can be painted with water-based paint. You can paint them yourself or you can custom order them. Two and three color designs both in antique and modern designs are also available, with intricate detailing.

Decorative plastic ceiling tiles are made from different types of plastic, including polysterene foam (styrofoam). They are fire rated, and generally come in 24" x 24" squares. Two great advantages of using plastic ceiling tiles instead of metal is their corrosion resistance and cost; they're half the price of metal tile.

Decorative ceiling tiles are not only used for ceilings. Plastic tiles can be used as backsplashes behind sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be painted and mounted as a separate piece of artwork for the wall in your living room. Plastic ceiling tiles are also used to create headboards for beds or surround doors or fireplaces.

Where to Buy
Acoustic Ceiling Products in Appleton, Wisconsin has a wide variety of high quality plastic ceiling tiles for commercial builders. Their products can be purchased for DIY projects at Lowes, Home Depot, Menards and Do It Best Stores. They also sell the grid systems that are used for installation. Their latest products are featured on HGTV's "I Want That."

Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tile has a large selection of plastic ceiling tiles at their online store. Many other sources are available online.


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