Ideas to Decorate an Arch in Living Rooms

Archways in living rooms are a nice touch architecturally, but they are sometimes difficult to decorate. Oftentimes an arch just needs a little extra creativity, and you can create an appealing look for any room. With a variety of different seasonal and stylish touches, archways in your living room are often an asset. You can use things around your house or purchase a few inexpensive items to add decor to your archway.

Classy Arch
For a simple and inexpensive touch, a large piece of simple fabric swathed above an archway is an excellent idea. Choose a color that matches your living room scheme, and purchase several yards. A sheer fabric that is bunched up several times is nice, or you can choose a thicker, patterned fabric that matches your living room patterns. Using nails or wall hooks, drape the fabric over the arch, and let it hang down on the sides to your desired length. Sheer fabric is light and can flow all the way to the floor, creating a whimsical look. For a more subtle style, simply drape the fabric over the arch portion and add color to your archway.

Seasonal Arch
Decorate your arch year round to match the seasons. During Christmastime, use nails to put fake garlands over the arch. You can even add lights or non-breakable ornaments to the garland. If your living room is casual, keep several colorful strands of Christmas lights up year-round, creating a retro funky look. During the fall, buy a long strand of fake red, gold and brown leaves and hang that above the archway. In the spring, you could use the same idea but purchase a colorful strand of fake flowers. Your decor can be simple but creative based on the season.

Photo Frame Arch
For a creative way to display photos, place them around your living room archway. Purchase varying colors and shapes of frames, and hang them all around the archway with your favorite pictures in them. For a more uniform look, select black, round frames, and use only black and white photos. The circular frames complement the half-circle of the arch. Depending on your style, you can place the frames from the floor all the way up to the arch, or they can extend just partially down the wall.


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