The Best Place in Feng Shui to Put a Mirror in the Living Room

Mirrors are important tools in feng shui, the ancient art of space harmonization; they can widen a space visually, bring in more light and amplify important features. A poor mirror placement in your living room can create confusion and turn small problems into bigger ones, though, so it's important to use them with care. By understanding their power, you can use mirrors to remedy a number of common problems and bring good vibrations into your life.

Balancing the Elements
A well-organized living room contains a balance of the five elements -- fire, earth, metal, wood and water. The reflecting surface of a mirror brings in the water element, and it can take the place of a water feature in a room with a preponderance of another element. If the living room has a prominent fireplace on the south wall, for example, a mirror placed over the mantel can attenuate the fire energy and prevent that energy from overwhelming the space. To promote wholeness and health, any mirror you use should be placed in such a way to ensure that everyone who looks in it can see their entire head.

Generating Positive Chi, or Energy

One of the most important uses of mirrors is to create space. You can do this by placing a mirror on a wall opposite a window with a good view; it amplifies the view and brings it inside, thus de-emphasizing the wall. Mirrors can also bring light to dark corners by reflecting a window or the light from a standing lamp. If the living room already has plenty of light, place the mirror behind a large green plant to connect the space with the natural world. Alternatively, enhance the sense of worth and luxury imparted by a favorite art object by doubling its presence in the space with a well-placed mirror.

A Festive and Abundant Space
The living room should have a focal point at which the family can gather and where you can create a sense of community by entertaining guests, and a mirror can help create it. A well-placed mirror that allows people to see themselves virtually doubles the number of people present, and that can make the atmosphere more festive. Mirrors can turn large gatherings into overwhelming ones, though, so avoid them if you have a large family or you entertain large numbers of people. Another good mirror placement is one that makes the dining room table visible in the living room; a mirror reflecting food on the table symbolizes wealth and abundance.

Placements to Avoid
A number of unfortunate mirror placements can hinder the flow of chi in the living room. The mirror should never reflect the entrance to the room, because that prevents chi from coming in, and the room will feel stagnant. It's also important to avoid reflecting sharp corners, beams or table edges; these "poison arrows" engender a subtle feeling of discomfort. Don't waste your mirror by having it reflect a blank wall, and avoid placing mirrors so that they reflect each other; the infinite regression that this configuration creates simply causes confusion. The best mirror placement reflects a positive image or accomplishes a positive purpose.


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