How to Decorate With Bling in a Home

Make your ordinary home interior extraordinary by jazzing it up with some bling. From the living room to the bedroom, there are several ways that you can add some bling, or sparkle, to the decor of your home to create an eye-catching look that will make your home feel like a posh and ritzy locale. By using decorative accessories and linens, you can achieve a luxurious look for your home.

Add luxurious fabrics to the rooms you are blinging out. Materials to consider include satin, silk and velvet. Choose jewel-toned colors and hues that evoke the look of precious metals, such as sapphire, ruby, silver and gold. Floor-to-ceiling draperies in these colors and fabrics make a bold statement on the windows. Comforters, sheets and throw blankets create a posh look and sumptuous feeling on beds, sofas and chairs.

Select bold furnishings. Top a bed with an over-sized headboard upholstered with satin, velvet or suede. Bring a formal velvet settee into the living room. A glass-topped table with ornate legs and straight-backed satin chairs create a regal, blinged-out look for a dining room.

Hang crystal lighting fixtures. A crystal chandelier makes a bold statement in any room, whether the living room, bedroom, dining room or even the bathroom. Install crystal electric or candle sconces on the walls to add a regal look.

Display photos in crystal, silver and gold frames. Set the photos on tables or display them on walls.

Fill clear bowls with faux gems and set pillar candles in the center of them. Place the bowls on tabletops or countertops where the candles will create a glittering effect with the faux gems when lit.


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